Catastrophic injuries in sports: Legal rights and liability

Catastrophic injuries in sports can occur for many reasons, and every time they do, they can create devastating outcomes, often for young lives. Understanding your rights under the law can help you to learn what your next step is.

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catastrophic injuries in sports

What kinds of sports injuries are considered catastrophic?

The term “catastrophic” certainly brings about many visions of injury, but what is truly catastrophic? Generally, this could include any type of injury or incident that leads to death, but also those that result in:

  • Permanent functional disability of the sports player
  • Serious injury that results in temporary, full functional disability, even if full recovery is expected

As far as specific catastrophic injuries, the following are some of the most common in sports:

  • Severe concussion
  • Serve or complicated fractures
  • Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Jaw or facial injuries
  • Eye injuries that damage vision

In these situations, consider whether the individual suffered an injury that will have a lasting impression on the person or if they will be able to fully recover.

Which sports cause the most severe injuries?

Sports injuries can occur in any sport. However, there are some that seem to have a higher risk factor because they involve more one-on-one type of engagement with other players or higher risk activities. The most serious injuries can occur in:

  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey

Who may be liable for a serious sports injury?

If a person is running along a track, stumbles, and smashes their head into a nearby post, causing a traumatic brain injury, is anyone else responsible? There could be multiple people responsible, including:

  • Coaches
  • Sports facility owners
  • School districts
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Medical staff
  • Trainers
  • Health insurance providers that limit coverage
  • Other players for malicious or reckless acts

Every situation is vastly different, but like any other area of personal injury law, if someone else caused your injury in any way, they may be financially responsible for your losses.

Many sports injuries are accidental. In these cases, it is impossible to put fault on any other party. However, if there is any indication of negligence or reckless behavior that leads to these injuries, then it is critical that you take steps further to pursue legal action.

How will an attorney help me?

Whether it is your injury or that of your child, it can be terrifying to know that there are a lot of medical needs and risks ahead. Where do you go for help?

As an experienced Georgia catastrophic injury attorney, our team knows what it is like to go after an unseen enemy who may be responsible for your losses. Yet, the only way to get the compensation owed to you is to be aggressive. Your attorney will work closely with you to find out:

  • What occurred
  • What led to this occurring in the first place
  • Did someone act in a negligent or malicious way?
  • What type of measures were in place to minimize this risk from occurring, if any?
  • What steps did the responsible party take after the incident occurred?
  • What are the short- and long-term implications of this incident?

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