Big Firm Talent. Small Firm Flexibility.

At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson, we are not a “plaintiff’s firm” or a “defense firm.” We are trial attorneys. Our attorneys have served as high-ranking government prosecutors, worked at large law firms, and trained under prestigious federal judges. We founded this firm with a simple mission: use our expertise to provide clients exceptional service in high-stakes matters.  

Proven and Experienced.

Our attorneys have tried and won white collar criminal cases that rank among the largest, most complex, and highly-publicized cases of their kind. We have also convinced investigators to quietly close investigations without the public ever knowing there was an investigation. Our attorneys have won multi-million dollar recoveries at trial and in settlements for our clients’ injury cases. We’ve also represented clients found not liable at trial for even a single penny in cases where demands were in the millions.

Our versatility is our greatest strength. Drawing on our diverse experience, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a case — and take advantage of those weaknesses to aggressively work for our clients when they need help the most.

Flexible Fee Arrangements.

We welcome the opportunity to be creative with our fee arrangements. We seek to design our fee arrangements with clients to align our success with our clients’ successes. We welcome conversations with clients about fixed, contingency, or hybrid fees, if such a fee would be best for your matter.