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Just like individuals and the government, businesses can fall victim to crime, fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, or other malfeasance. At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson LLC, we provide comprehensive fraud and recovery services, representing businesses, business owners, investors, and others affected by fraud. 

Our affirmative recovery business litigation team leverages its unparalleled experience as high-stakes Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors to identify, investigate, and recover compensation for victims of fraud.

What Is Fraud and Recovery in Business Litigation?

Businesses work alongside competitors, suppliers, vendors, consumers, and partners every day. Although usually complementary, these interactions present opportunities for businesses to be targeted by individuals seeking to abuse these relationships for personal gain. Competitors may use unfair or illegal practices to grow profits. Aggrieved individuals may embezzle or divert assets for personal use. Vendors may overcharge or bill for services not rendered. 

At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson, LLC, we help C-suite executives and legal departments recover lost or misused funds. Tapping into our experience detecting fraud, we identify losses — including how the circumstances occurred and how they can be prevented in the future. But we don’t stop there. We also have the skills and experience to lead the fight and aggressively pursue litigation to maximize the recovery for our clients.

Types of Claims Under Affirmative Recovery

There are many types of potential claims under affirmative recovery. Our dedicated affirmative recovery team will assess the events in question and identify how much money could be recovered for the claims. Our attorneys are experienced in the following litigation scenarios.

Fraud and Tort actions

Fraud and other business tort claims are effective and powerful tools to litigate against a person or other business who defrauded you or caused your business a loss. Drawing on our skills as former federal prosecutors who have obtained over $100 million in affirmative recoveries and judgments, our team will carefully analyze the circumstances and create a plan for recovering your losses. 

Class actions

Class action lawsuits are a potentially lucrative way for your business to litigate against a person or other business who defrauded you or caused your business a loss. Our team will carefully analyze the circumstances and create a plan for recovering the funds using a class action lawsuit. 

In addition, we also conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best way to make a class action suit financially beneficial for your company. We then handle your class action suit against the party or parties that defrauded you, so you can recover your diminished gains. 

Antitrust actions

If your business has been harmed by competitors upstream or downstream in the market, you may have a claim for antitrust actions. For example, if another competitor moves into your area and lowers their prices to a level that breaks antitrust laws in order to drive out competition, you may be able to recover losses through an antitrust action. 

Similarly, if unlawful mergers of competitors are harming your business, antitrust action claims may be a good option to regain revenue. Competitors using dirty business practices that break antitrust laws disrupt the free market and make it difficult for businesses who play by the rules to be successful. In addition to recouping money for your business, antitrust actions can also restore balance to the market sector so your business can flourish. 

Contract disputes

Our affirmative recovery team can calculate and evaluate downturns associated with contract disputes. A contract dispute claim may be a smart and efficient way to recover significant amounts of money for your business. We will determine whether legal action in this type of claim would be worth the recovery opportunity. 

Unclaimed funds

Many businesses miss vast amounts of revenue every year in unclaimed funds. If a person, business, or the government owes your business money, but you don’t follow through on collecting those funds, they can add up to huge forfeitures. Our affirmative recovery team will identify the funds unclaimed by your business, track them down, and make sure they are collected. 


Subrogation claims are a lucrative way to recover collateral damages in business. Your company can legally pursue a wrongdoer who caused a loss you were forced to cover. For example, if you are a small insurance agency, and you pay a settlement to an insured driver who was injured in an accident, you could sue the at-fault driver for the costs incurred by your company as well. Where these claims are legally an option, pursuing such actions is often an efficient recovery method.

Product defects

Defects in products from third-party suppliers can cause giant declines for your company. If you are forced to recall a product because of a defect in a part from a third party, your business could forfeit a lot of money. Fortunately, we can work together to win that money back for you.

Product defect claims are often a strong option to pursue recovery of losses. As with any other type of claim, we assess the facts of the situation, value the losses, and make a plan to restore the financial damages.

Our Approach To Affirmative Recovery

At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson, our effective affirmative recovery strategy includes a patient, nuanced approach that’s based on business acumen and decades of high-level experience prosecuting some of the most complex fraud schemes in recent history. Our law firm is proud to serve corporate clients looking for a partner to minimize risk and pursue wrongdoers. We take the following steps to implement affirmative recovery:

1. Assessment

The first step is to learn everything relevant about the company, including its goals, needs, and problems. This enables us to spot areas of risk, identify problems, and mitigate exposure. In particular, we assess the company’s relationship with third parties, as well as identify internal procedures.

2. Plan

Next, we put together a practical, comprehensive recovery strategy. This requires a complex but efficient overview of options, risks, benefits, and approaches. No two cases are the same, so we craft unique solutions to each particular problem our clients face.

3. Execution

Lastly, we execute the affirmative recovery plan. We recover as much money as efficiently as possible while minimizing the repercussions to you and your company. But the important thing is that our opponents know we are not afraid of a fight.

The Value Of Affirmative Recovery

The bottom line for us is that we seek to aggressively represent our clients in every legal context. Our fraud and recovery practice focuses on maximizing the return of missing funds for our clients. We use flexible, alternative fee arrangements tied to our client’s success. 

The value that affirmative recovery brings to your business is clear to see after the first recovery. When we recover large sums of money for your business that was previously chalked up to a loss, it pays off. 

So much money is hemorrhaged every year by businesses around the country, and businesses in Georgia are no exception. If your business has faced losses due to fraudulent vendors, illegal business practices used by competitors, unclaimed funds, or other factors, we can help. 

Throughout this process, we will also identify weak points where your business regularly leaks money and set up a plan to avoid future setbacks in these areas as well. We will recover the losses you are aware of, and sometimes, even recover losses you didn’t realize you were missing!

Our goal is to see your business thrive, so when you reap the benefits of affirmative recovery, we both win. Start working with our Georgia affirmative recovery law firm today by calling our Atlanta office at (404) 891-9150 or our Savannah office at (912) 867-9140.

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