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Consequences of White Collar Crime

Consequences of white collar crime, include prison, substantial fines, and restitution. In addition to criminal penalties, white collar offenses often give rise to civil lawsuits. Although it is nonviolent in nature, the authorities take white collar crime very seriously. Anyone the government accuses of a white collar crime must take it seriously. In this article, we examine some of the consequences of white collar crime. 

Criminal Penalties

The most serious potential consequence of white collar crime is a criminal conviction. Most white collar crime convictions result in a prison sentence, a monetary fine, or a combination of the two. At sentencing, the court considers the crime committed and whether the defendant has a prior criminal record. 

The Myth of Easy Time for White Collar Crime

Many people believe that those convicted of white collar crime serve time in comfortable, minimum-security facilities. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen. Anyone convicted of committing a white collar crime faces the possibility of serving time in an institution with a range of other criminal defendants. Sentences can range from probation to decades in prison.

Civil Liability 

A defendant may also face civil liability from the government, the victims of the crime, or both. When the government files a civil action, it often seeks the return of any losses sustained by a victim. In addition to seeking restitution, the government may also seek civil penalties under a range of statutes.

In some cases, the government may pursue civil asset forfeiture. The government may attempt to seize anything the defendant purchased with the proceeds of the crime.

Also, white collar crime victims may choose to bring their own civil actions to recover any financial losses suffered due to the offense. If a party pleads guilty, then may be estopped from denying liability in a civil case.

Additional Consequences

In addition to the penalties discussed above, a defendant may face additional consequences, such as difficulty finding a job and the stigma of a criminal record. Anyone accused of committing a white collar crime should contact a white collar criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for help. 

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