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Common White Collar Crimes

Common types of white collar crimes range in nature and scope. They all typically involve financially motivated crimes committed by businesses and government professionals. The penalties associated with white-collar crimes can be severe. Anyone the government accuses of a white-collar crime should immediately seek the help of an experienced white-collar criminal defense attorney. In this article, we examine the most common types of white-collar crimes. 

Common White-Collar Crimes

Corporate Fraud: Corporate fraud encompasses a host of different fraudulent activities, including insider trading, the falsification of financial information, and any scheme designed to hide such activities.

Embezzlement: Embezzlement occurs when an employee uses his or her position to misappropriate funds from his or her employer. 

Ponzi Schemes: A ponzi scheme is a type of investment scam that uses the funds of new investors to pay prior investors. 

Extortion: A person commits extortion when he or she illegally coerces a person or institution into giving up property, services, or money. 

Bankruptcy Fraud: When a bankruptcy filer purposely hides assets from the bankruptcy court, he or she commits bankruptcy fraud. 

Why White-Collar Crime Is Different 

As opposed to some other types of crime, the nature of white-collar crime makes it difficult for law enforcement to detect. Punishment can be severe — particularly if a victim suffers large losses. 

Effect of White-Collar Crimes 

Although white-collar crimes are nonviolent, the effects of white-collar crimes can be severe and long-lasting.  For example, white-collar crimes routinely wipe out people’s life savings, and widespread white-collar schemes can cause groups of people to collectively lose extraordinary sums of money. The effects of white-collar crime aren’t just limited to individuals, however. White collar crime can force businesses to close their doors. The authorities estimate that white-collar crime costs individuals and businesses more than $3 billion every year. 

White-Collar Crime Laws

White-collar crime laws exist at both the state and federal levels. Thus, depending on the crime, either state or local governments can prosecute white-collar crime. The sophisticated nature of white-collar crime makes associated cases particularly complicated. The government, however, frequently employs specialized prosecutors and investigators to investigate these crimes. 

Contact a Georgia White-Collar Criminal Defense Attorney 

If the Department of Justice or a district attorney accuses you of a white-collar crime of any kind, you need to contact an experienced white-collar defense attorney as soon as possible. At Griffin Durham Tanner Clarkson LLC, our white-collar crime defense lawyers prepare to defend you. Our talented white-collar defense attorneys work across the United States. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our talented white-collar defense attorneys. 

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