Georgia Business Litigation Lawyer

At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson, we have extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of high-stakes business litigation. When advising a client facing a business dispute, our objective is simple: we want to deliver the best result possible. You have a business to run. We want to help you get back to running your business as efficiently as possible while protecting what you have built. To accomplish this, we first understand what your business is about, identify your goals, and chart a path to get the outcome you deserve. 

Advantages of Contacting Our Skilled Business Litigation Attorneys

There are many benefits to using our acclaimed legal team. For one thing, we have broad, extensive experience. We are well aware that running your business is a full-time job and that you need a buffer between you and the complicated legal entanglements that distract you. We are committed to bringing you the positive results that will best protect you and your company. 

During our initial consultation with you, we’ll become informed about the type of business you own and will take over the task of fighting for your rights. Our goal is to overcome the legal hurdle that is doubtless interfering with your business’s efficiency and profit margin.

We also have empathy for your plight and genuinely want to protect the business you have worked so hard to build. We have litigated civil cases with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake and are fully prepared to represent businesses of all sizes and industries. 

Common Examples of Complex Commercial Litigation

A broad range of lawsuits may threaten to derail your business, but fortunately, the sharp attorneys at Griffin Durham Tanner Clark have the well-crafted defense strategies necessary to defend you from any of the following claims:

Fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Examples of business fraud include making untrue statements to customers, business partners, or the employer; misuse of company assets, and employee misconduct.

Breach of fiduciary duty occurs when an individual or company betrays a client, co-owner, shareholder, or the company. This betrayal happens when the individual responsible for acting in the best interests of another instead chooses to profit for their own interests. 

Breach of Contract is self-explanatory. All sorts of contracts may be breached, including those that:

  • Fail to provide goods or services as agreed
  • Violate a non-compete agreement
  • Fail to share profits

Theft of trade secrets (economic espionage) is a serious threat to a business’s stability. Trade secrets include any original methodology or formulas on which production and profitability are based, including patterns, plans, programs, designs, prototypes, techniques, processes, procedures, or codes that have intentionally been kept confidential. Trade secrets may be tangible or intangible, and may be compilations or stored graphic, photographic, written, or electronic information. 

Business Torts include, among other misconduct: injurious falsehood, unfair competition, negligent misrepresentation, and conspiracy — any of which are designed to damage a business in terms of reputation, loss of clientele, and loss of profit.

Internal Investigations may be the result of a whistleblower, sometimes motivated by a desire to protect him-or-herself from prosecution by being a cooperating witness, and sometimes enticed by the notion of a whistleblower lawsuit in which the whistleblower stands to win a percentage of the recovered funds.

Partnership Disputes may occur when one partner wants to sell the business and the other does not, or when one partner simply wants to dissolve the partnership. Though such disputes may be resolved through negotiation or arbitration, if your partner sues you, our attorneys are fully prepared to defend you in court.

Commercial disputes are the lawsuits arising out of transactions among merchants, bankers, and traders during the course of mercantile transactions. Though commercial disputes may be complicated, you can depend on our complex business litigation attorneys to provide you with the best possible defense for your particular case.

Officers and Directors owe a duty of care to company shareholders, customers, and employees. Commonly, officers and directors’ conduct can be questioned as improper. If you believe there has been wrongdoing or have been accused of failing to act appropriately as an officer or director, we are ready to defend you from the reputational and financial harm of a conviction.

Involved in a Complex Business Litigation Issue?  Contact Our Georgia Business Litigation Attorney

It is never easy to be involved in a business dispute, but being embroiled in complex business litigation can be especially challenging because the case involves the stability of your business as well as your personal finances and reputation. This is why it’s essential to have a legal advocate who is familiar with aggressive methods to hold wrongdoers accountable, as well as defense strategies to mitigate those attacks. 

We offer flexible fee structures because we want to align our success with your success. We are comfortable sharing in the risks and the rewards because we are confident in our ability to deliver. Contact us today for a consultation regarding your case.