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Learning you are the target of a government investigation can be life-altering. You must act immediately to secure legal guidance from experienced Atlanta government investigation lawyers to protect your rights and freedom.

At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson LLC, we offer insight into what the government’s case may hold and how you can defend yourself. Our Atlanta lawyers prepare well-researched, grounded, and compelling defense strategies for clients facing potential white-collar criminal charges. Contact our Atlanta office at (404) 891-9150 to schedule a consultation.

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What does a government investigation entail?

Government investigations are designed to uncover evidence indicating a crime was committed and to support bringing a case against an individual, group, or company.

The investigation may include an audit or other process where the state or federal government targets those parties for closer scrutiny. Sometimes, they may look at your information before they notify you.

If any government or law enforcement agents approach you, you should immediately ask to speak with your attorney. Naturally, you will want to explain your side of the situation, but it is best to allow a skilled government investigations lawyer in Atlanta to speak on your behalf.

Once you are under the umbrella of attorney-client confidentiality, you can discuss the investigation and develop a defense.

Common white-collar crimes the government frequently investigates

Many crimes may warrant a full investigation at both the state and federal levels. Many state offenses can quickly escalate to federal charges when multiple jurisdictions are involved. Common crimes our Atlanta government investigation advisory attorneys handle include:

  • Health care fraud
  • Mail or wire fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Antitrust violations

Services we provide as your Atlanta government investigation lawyers

Regardless of whether you are a witness, subject, or target in Georgia, your priority should be to retain the help of a law firm providing government investigation advisory services in Atlanta. These cases require highly specialized knowledge and skill beyond the scope of an ordinary criminal defense firm. At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson LLC, we provide essential services to reduce the consequences you may face.


The Department of Justice (DOJ) typically pushes for the harshest penalties possible, and state governments frequently follow suit. You need an up-to-date law firm on recent changes in federal policy and law to identify ways to prevent charges against you.

When you disclose potential risk factors that may hurt your case, our Atlanta government investigations attorneys will search for every path to shield you from further suspicion. We will negotiate with government representatives to reach the best possible outcome for your circumstances.


In addition to defending you against government investigations, our firm can provide advisory services to detect potential compliance issues in your business. Our attorneys can conduct internal investigations to identify problems that could damage the entire company and decrease its value. By reviewing and auditing existing protocols and actions, our firm may uncover concerns so they can be corrected, preventing unwanted attention from government agencies.


When the government begins an investigation, it must have significant evidence to justify seeking charges against companies or individuals. Building a defense can be challenging, but it’s essential to consider that the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is on their shoulders. Our criminal defense attorneys will file motions, request evidence, and analyze every aspect to find ways to reduce the government’s proof.

We will exhaust every avenue to present the strongest defense we can. We will remain honest with you throughout your case so there are no surprises.

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A government investigation can take months or even years, potentially turning your personal and professional lives upside down with uncertainty and stress. Our qualified and tenacious investigations attorneys do everything they can to resolve your case as quickly as possible in your best interests. The outcome depends on your choices, informed by our experience. At every step, our lawyers will provide all the details you need to select the best path and then take action to complete the case.

What should I do if I’m facing a government investigation?

Your first action should be to engage a seasoned government investigations attorney. Next, you should remain calm and logical as you face a dynamic process. With every new piece of information, the situation can alter drastically.

You should speak candidly with your attorney about any involvement you may have. You must also collect and present any exculpatory evidence that will work in your favor. Your lawyer will communicate with the government to understand the potential charges against you, allowing them to prepare the most appropriate response.

Finally, you should avoid taking action that could create additional concern or suspicion. Keep conversations about the case between yourself and your attorney, even if it means keeping details from your friends and family. Refrain from discussing the situation on social media or making public statements without the advice of your legal team.

Why do I need a government investigation attorney?

You mustn’t try to defend yourself without a lawyer. Federal agents may start with friendly questions. You may feel strongly that you have done nothing wrong and can convince them you are innocent. However, simply being targeted can cause damage to your personal and professional reputations.

As an individual, you may be unsure of how to determine what the government is investigating about you. Your attorney can access and request vital details about the government’s case and any potential charges. Your lawyer will speak with agents to help you do the following:

  • Develop your defense strategy based on all available information about the investigation
  • Ensure your rights are protected against overzealous agents or officers
  • Prevent you from making statements that may unintentionally admit any fault or involvement in criminal activities
  • Preserve your innocence in the minds of everyone involved

Your every word and action will be closely examined, both before and after you are made aware of the investigation. Relying on trustworthy government investigations lawyers in Atlanta means you can honestly discuss the situation to craft a personalized approach to your defense.

Government investigations may result in severe penalties

A conviction for white-collar crimes can carry substantial penalties in the form of exorbitant fines and lengthy jail sentences. Even being charged can bring upheaval to your family, business, and reputation. You will need legal guidance from a firm that can help you mitigate the public fallout from a government investigation.

Who all is part of a government investigation?

In addition to the agencies and government attorneys, three types of individuals can be part of a government investigation: Witnesses, subjects, and targets.


Witnesses are brought in because the government believes they have information about the crimes in question. If you are called as a witness, you do not have to divulge any details that may incriminate you. Nonetheless, you should speak with a lawyer before responding to any questions or discussing potential federal or state law violations.


Being a “subject” means you fall under the scope of a criminal investigation, yet the Department of Justice lacks sufficient information to designate you as a “target.” The investigation will seek information that you committed criminal offenses, so you must secure legal representation before making any statements to agents or a grand jury.


If you receive a letter saying you are a target of a government investigation, it means the agency has evidence linking you to a crime. The agents working the case must present substantial proof that you should be charged and will likely have materials they want to verify in discussions with you. A target is the most serious category in a government investigation.

Under investigation? Engage an Atlanta government investigations lawyer today.

It can be frightening to learn you are under investigation by a government entity. You may question every decision and wonder where the investigators think you went wrong. Instead of waiting to see what happens, retain the top-notch Atlanta government investigation lawyers at Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson LLC.

It’s essential to avoid any charges or negative fallout from the process to recover quickly. If you have been notified that you are a target, subject, or witness in a federal or state criminal investigation, do not hesitate to contact our firm and schedule an assessment. We will immediately focus on protecting your rights and crafting a personalized defense approach.

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