Georgia Affirmative Recovery Attorney

Businesses, just like individuals and the government, can be the victim of crime, fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, or other malfeasance. At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson LLC, we provide comprehensive fraud and recovery services, representing businesses, business owners, investors, and others affected by fraud.  Our affirmative recovery business litigation team leverages its unparalleled experience as high-stakes Department of Justice prosecutors to identify, investigate, and recover for victims of fraud.

What Is Fraud and Recovery in Business Litigation

Businesses work every day with and alongside competitors, suppliers, vendors, consumers, governments, strategic partners, and others. This presents an opportunity, however, to be targeted by individuals seeking to abuse these relationships for personal gain. Competitors may use unfair or illegal practices. Aggrieved individuals may embezzle or divert assets. Customers may overcharge or bill for services not rendered. 

We help c-suite executives and legal departments recover money. Tapping into our experience detecting fraud, we identify losses — including how the losses occurred and how they can be prevented in the future. But we do not stop there. We also have the skills and experience to bring the fight to the wrongdoers by aggressively litigating to maximize recovery for our clients. 

Our Approach To Affirmative Recovery

Developing an effective affirmative recovery strategy requires a patient, nuanced approach that’s based on business acumen and decades of high-level experience prosecuting some of the most complex fraud schemes in recent history. Our law firm is proud to serve corporate clients that are looking for a partner to minimize risk and pursue wrongdoers. We take the following steps to implement affirmative recovery:

Assessment. The first step is to learn everything relevant about the company, including its goals, needs, and problems. This enables us to spot areas of risk, identify problems, and mitigate exposure. In particular, we assess the company’s relationship with third parties, as well as internal procedures.

Plan. Next, we start to put together a practical and comprehensive recovery strategy. This requires a comprehensive but efficient overview of options, risks, benefits, and approaches. No two cases are the same and we craft unique solutions to nuanced problems that our clients face.

Execution. Lastly, we execute the affirmative recovery plan. We seek to recover as much money as efficiently as possible. We seek to recover for our clients as much money as quickly as possible with as small a burden as possible. But our opponents know that we are not afraid of a fight.

The Value Of Affirmative Recovery

The bottom line for us is that we seek to protect our clients’ bottom line. Our fraud and recovery practice focuses on maximizing the return for our clients. We use flexible, alternative fee arrangements tied to our client’s success. 

Contact Our Affirmative Recovery Business Litigation Attorney

Our firm’s business and legal backgrounds enable us to provide superior affirmative recovery services that start to benefit our clients from day one. If your organization is ready to start its own program, or you have questions about affirmative recovery, reach out to our practice group leader, Tom Clarkson, for further information.